The dates are 29th May to 3rd June 2019

The Rally Co-ordinator has updated a page which can be found at The 39th IVCA Rally page.

Registration is now being accepted. We are also working on the financial details and the Programme of Events, some of which are on the Programme page. Thank you for your patience.

There has been a slight problem on the site recently, in that anyone using the Registration Form or Contact Form may have received an error when trying to send their message. It was due to a recent upgrade, but has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

During the 5 days preceding the meet there will be a ride for draisines and hobby horses from York to Burton Constable to mark the 200th anniversary of these machines. One rider had to drop out late in the planning due to obligations at work, so we are keen to find a replacement as all the hotels etc are booked. Daily distances average about 25 miles (= about 5 hours riding). If you are keen, and don’t have a hobby horse, we may be able to borrow one for you.
For further details contact Glen Norcliffe with thisĀ Contact Form